State Fair Store


Thank you for visiting our website - be sure to visit us at our merchandise and water booths during the 2018 Iowa State Fair, August 9-19!

During the Fair, the Blue Ribbon Foundation manages six merchandise booths located at the Agriculture Building, the State Fair Store on the Grand Concourse, the south atrium of the Varied Industries Building, the Cattle Barn entrance, the State Fair Museum and Little Hands on the Farm.

We also manage six water booths on the Fairgrounds located at Heritage Village, the Cattle Barn, the Agriculture Building, Little Hands on the Farm, the Bill Riley Stage and the Service Center.

If you have specific questions about the Iowa State Fair, including admissions, parking, concert seating, strollers/scooters and Fairground hours; or if you have other questions regarding the Fair, click here to visit the Iowa State Fair’s website.

If you have questions regarding the Blue Ribbon Foundation, our giving programs, or our merchandise, please email and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. We apologize in advance for any delayed responses during the Fair. Thank you for your understanding.

The online State Fair Store is scheduled to re-open Wednesday, September 5. 

Shipping Management

Shipping Item Range URL Amount
1 0 - 25 9
2 26 - 50 10
3 51 - 75- 11
4 76- 12