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Welcome to the Iowa State Fair Store. The Blue Ribbon Foundation manages the merchandise sold in the State Fair Store. Profits from the store directly benefit the Foundation's goal of raising funds to help preserve and improve the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Thank you for shopping and supporting the Iowa State Fair!

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Isabel Bloom Butter Cow Sculpture 

The Isabel Bloom Butter Cow Sculpture is back for a limited edition second run. For the past three years, the Blue Ribbon Foundation has collaborated with Isabel Bloom to create a unique, collectable item that highlights the Iowa State Fair. The Butter Cow sold out in August. Now is your chance to add the one-of-a-kind piece to your collection. The deadline to reserve your sculpture is March 1. Only the number reserved will be produced. Isabel Bloom Sculptures will be mailed in May.

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2 26 - 50 10
3 51 - 75- 11
4 76- 12


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